Q. Do you guarantee to catch moles?
A. Yes. Some treatments are more complicated than others. We install as many traps as required using the least number of visits to clear your problem as quickly as possible.

Q. If you charge per visit, how much might I end up paying?
A. We always charge for the initial visit to install the traps. This is the visit that takes the most time and it is important to install enough traps and in the correct runs and locations.
On each follow up visit we only charge if we have caught a mole or several moles. We always do our utmost to clear the infestation with as few visits as possible.

Q. Can you tell how many moles I have?
A. For a small problem such as 5-10 mole hills in a small back garden, it is likely to be one mole. For large properties with dozens of mole hills it is impossible to be accurate.

Q. Can I stop any future problems?
A. It is impossible to exclude moles from your property. They can dig under driveways, fences and any other physical barriers. Occasionally a mole may take over vacated tunnels which have been left from a previous mole infestation.

Q. Will my pets be harmed by the traps?
A. No. The traps are set in the mole runs underground and are covered by soil and turf.

Q. We tried trapping ourselves and failed. Why will you do any better?
A. It takes many years of practise to master the art of finding the most suitable runs and areas to set the traps to ensure a catch, plus we will install lots more traps than the home or land owner giving a higher rate of success.