Mole Control Chelmsford


Mole control Chelmsford

Moles are mostly harmless creatures but they can cause a lot of structural damage to gardens and public spaces. Their hills and tunnels can cause a trip hazard to the unwary and if they appear in a horse or livestock paddock there is a risk of a broken leg.

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Mole control Chelmsford

Garden Mole Control Essex

Mole Control essex


Moles can be a problem at any time of year, but wet winters always seem to show an increased level of activity. This year has been no exception and we are seeing a high level of mole activity across Essex, especially on properties bordering farmland and wooded areas. We recently had to clear moles from a property in the Maldon area that was having problems with moles coming from neighboring farmland. Over the course of three visits we placed a number of traps  and caught four moles, resulting in a very satisfied gardener.

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